Why am I not receiving enquiries from the contact form on my website?

We’ve seen many cases of email enquiries from client’s websites such as “contact us” forms not being delivered.

This is not a technical issue with the website or contact form itself, but the details from the conatct form being emailed to you are being blocked as (false positive) spam.

This can be blocked at (by) several parts in the process including:

1) your Internet provider,
2) your anti-spam firewall settings or
3) your email client itself (eg Outlook)

If your email client is blocking any enquiries coming from your website, then the only way around this is to use a 3rd party email provider that is whitelisted.

I use this company to send my own emails: http://www.smtp2go.com/pricing (I have no affiliation with them, only that I used them for 2+ years and it just works)

The $5 per month plan is more than sufficient for most client’s websites.

If you are having email deliverability problems from your contact form on your website, then sign up for an account with SMTP2GO, get in contact with us and we can modify your contact form to send you the emails via this company (which means they WILL get delivered)

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