Website Redesign

If your website is old and underperforming, or needs to be brought up to current design trends and functionally, then we can do a site redesign for you.Responsive-Web-Design

Similarly, more and more people are using a mobile device to access information on the internet. And if your website was built some time ago, chances are it doesn’t look so great when someone is trying to do a view your site, or find your business contact details on their mobile phone or tablet.

So they come to your website via their mobile phone, and they have t to scroll from left to right, up and down, the text is very small and it just makes it difficult for that person to get the information they want.

Ideally, you want to have what is known as a "responsive website" which means regardless of the size of the mobile device the person is using (whether it's a 3 ½ inch iPhone 4 screen, 5 inch Samsung Galaxy S III or 10 inch Tablet), the website looks good and is as easy to navigate as if you were looking at it laptop or desktop computer.

It doesn’t matter what size your screen is, a responsive website will automatically detect the screen size and it will display the best website design to fit that size.

So what that means is that if you view a website on a mobile phone it will look different to a tablet and different again on a full size desktop computer.