Affordable Office Space Leasing

Delonix provides low cost work station rental and shared office space rental in the Philippines.

Outsourcing in the Philippines need not be expensive. Expand your business operations without the large capital outlay by workstation rental (also known as seat leasing).

You simply hire your own staff and we’ll set them up with their own desk, computer work station with a modern windows 8 PC, high speed fibre optic Internet & USB headset for VoIP phone calls.

Seat leasing in Cebu Philippines is one of the cheapest and most affordable options for start-up businesses or for those foreign companies wanting to expand their operations with an office in the Philippines.

What's included


Each workstation (or cubicle for voice accounts) has a comfortable office chair with computer including USB noise cancelling headset for VoIP calls. Various computer configurations / specs available including dual screen and Apple Mac.


Our office has 4 separate Internet connections, including a primary 50/50Mbps fibre line, backup 20Mbps and 10Mbps fibre lines, plus separate lease line for all VoIP traffic


We have multiple IT staff on hand at all times during business operations to assist your staff should they require any techy support.


Safety of employees and clients is a top priority and as such, the office has 24 hour CCTV cameras, plus full-time security guards on the office entrance.


Need to ensure your employees are arriving on time without checking the CCTV cameras? Make use of our biometric fingerprint scanner reports each month.


The office also has 2 separate training rooms with whiteboard and projector. Furthermore, your staff may have access our online video training library

What is seat leasing?

It is a recent BPO service that involves our company providing employees working for you a proper and complete office environment. Each seat rented comes with a desk, chair, a desktop or laptop pre-loaded with the programmes and software they need, and a stable Internet (and/or telephone) connection. Rates are per seat and clients can rent one to hundreds of seats.

Once arrangements have been made, clients then proceed with hiring and training staff to work for their campaigns to ensure that they go well. Delonix can take care of the employee’s salaries and other needs for an additional rate.

Seat leasing, in other words, is a great way to have an instant office. Contact us for more details on this great service.

What are the benefits?

No Capital outlay - Seat leasing with Delonix (operating since 2002 and expanded to the Philippines in 2012) allows you expand your business operations without spending a fortune. No commercial leases to sign, no additional furniture and computers to buy. Just hire your own staff (which we can also help you with) and they get their own workstation provided.

Cost Efficiency - With labour costs in the Philippines up to 80% less than western countries, and no largecapital outlay required, seat leasing is perfect for startup companies, growing companies testing new markets, or for those foreign owned businesses wanting to keep costs down.

No Fixed Contracts - You can pay month-to-month and only need give 30 days’ notice should you wish to cancel the service. Our office is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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