Client Results


“I am very impressed with their work and knowledge of the profession.

They have placed my massage website on the first page of Google search within one month. From six pages back!

I was getting about one call a week from my website. Now I am getting between one and two calls a day, increasing my turnover by over 60% Thanks Jeremy for an awesome job!


“I’ve just spent the last hour with Jeremy from Delonix, my name is Pauline Purvis and we’ve been looking at getting a new website up and running.

What Jeremy’s been able to do is show me how easy it is to get really fantastic search engine rankings and we’ve spent the hour looking at my competition, how I can do better, and what Jeremy’s done for me is made it very, very simple, very easy and I feel like I can do it, so that’s fantastic, thankyou Jeremy!”


“Hi, my name is Darrell Young, owner of ‘Call the Plumber’. We had a typical website like everybody else and was getting no work from it.

About 3 months ago Jeremy started working on our website, he completely re-vamped it and made it search engine friendly, and now we’ve got a website that not only gets us 10’s of leads per day, but it’s actually making us money.

Our website is making us more money than our yellow pages advertising (or any other advertising we are doing) we are getting good qualified leads coming through every day.

We’re now ranked on the first page for many search terms in the plumbing field including “Sydney Plumber” which is the highest searched term there is for plumbers in Sydney. We now rank on the first page and that’s within 3 months.

I cannot thank you anymore for what you’ve done for us, and I highly recommend Jeremy’s services to anybody”.


“Hi Jeremy,

I would like to say a huge thank you. Dr Drip has been in business for eight years which we started a website at this time also over those years we would received about ten jobs year and we were paying $3000 a year to our webmaster. We thought we needed a website to prove how professional we were, which is correct but $3000 a year for ten jobs was a joke. Jeremy in the last 3 months you have built us a complete new website and set Dr Drip up with search engine optimizing, our traffic to the site has been amazing and we are converting between 3 to five jobs a week and this is increasing I never knew the internet was so powerful. Thanks again mate in these slow and uncertain times those jobs are proving a life saver.”


“Hi I’m Laurie,

Jeremy changed our website from getting around 700 hits per month, to around 130,000 hits per month. The amount of work I now get from the website is incredible.

We even have people now ringing us from England and America, just to book us before they come over here to Australia. I find that absolutely amazing!”


“Dear Jeremy,

Thank you for your help throughout the year, we have received numerous enquiries as a direct result from our Google listings.”

Rachael Kwawegen


“Hi Jeremy,

Well after admittedly being sceptical at first, I’m thrilled with the outcome and am really pleased and thankful for your efforts.”
Damien Long
General Manager
Premier Pools Pty Ltd

  • Number of first page rankings in Google: 71
  • Number of top five rankings in Google: 62
  • Number of keywords ranked number 1 in Google: 30


  • Number of first page rankings in Google: 19
  • Number of top five rankings in Google: 14
  • Number of keywords ranked number 1 in Google: 4


  • Number of first page rankings in Google: 16
  • Number of top five rankings in Google: 10
  • Number of keywords ranked number 1 in Google: 2