Case Study

Case Study #1 – Darrell Young from Call the Plumber

Darrell came to us in November 2007 with his existing website that promoted his plumbing business.
He had spent $4,500 on a website that was generating him an average of 16 visitors per day, and next to zero work.

Here are his website analytics statistics for the month of November, 2007:

Traffic before SEO


After we made some modifications to his website, and began the SEO campaign, his visitors went up to an average of almost 22 visitors per day within 2 months.

Here is the same analytics program showing the number of visitors for January 15th to February 14th, 2008:


traffic after 2 months of SEO


And finally here is the same analytics program from the 22nd October to the 21st November 2008.  The number of visitors for that 30 day period was 1852 – almost 60 visitors per day.  So even in these “tough economic times” we have increased his website visitors by over 370% within 12 months!


Traffic after 12 months of SEO


Darrell was so thrilled with his results, that he built a second website, which went live in June of 2008.

In his fourth month after his website went live, the website made over $100,000 in sales for the month.

November 2008 represented Darrell’s third month of generating over $100,000 in sales for the month from this website, and since then, his biggest month to date has been $289,000

Darrell sold the business around the end of 2011, however as of March 2013, the website is still averaging over 500 (Australian) visits per month:


RWTD traffic

...and still ranking very well in Google
(search result on 22nd March, 2013)

rainwater tank rankings