Mobile Site Optimisation

The number of people using their mobile device to search for information online is dramatically increasing year by year. But have you looked at your own website on a mobile phone?

What looks really nice on a full size screen or laptop usually doesn’t look quite so nice on a small mobile phone screen - and you’ll find you have to scroll from left to right, swipe to enlarge the screen just to read your text.

It can be very difficult (or frustrating) for someone to navigate around your website when viewed on your mobile phone. On top of this, mobile devices can range in size from a 3 ½” iPhone 4 to a 5 ½” Galaxy Note or even a 10” tablet.

There are so many different screens sizes out there now; your website might look good on one device, but not quite so good on another. A “responsive website” is one that automatically detects the size of the screen that the person is viewing your website from, and adjusts the site automatically so that it looks good on any different mobile device.

So as Google moves to capture more of this trend of people accessing the web on their phones, shouldn’t you?

Let us build you a mobile optimized website that piggybacks on your existing site but makes it much easier for people to find the information they need.

Make it easier for them, and they phone you instead of your competition.