Ecommerce Solutions

The numbers of online purchases made every year dramatically increase, as shoppers move away from the traditional “bricks and mortar” physical store shops and embrace the competitive pricing in a global market. People can find the product, or even service they want online and in many cases cheaper, and with more variety than their local store.

One of the three types of websites we build for our clients are e-commerce websites, and we build these on a platform called Magento.

The reason why we choose Magento is that

  • It’s open source
  • there are already a whole bunch of plugins available
  • Magento can integrate with many other service / websites like eBay stores, your online accounting software, warehousing and fulfilment companies
  • It has wish lists, customer reviews

In fact, just about everything you could possibly think for an e-commerce site has already been developed as a plugin for Magento.

If you’re running a warehouse of your products in a different city, state or country, Magento can interface with whole bunch of different fulfillment companies automatically, so your orders go directly to them and they can send out your products to your customers directly.

Not only do we build commerce websites for clients but we also build them using proven techniques that will increase your conversion rate (sales).  Little things can make a huge difference between the % of people that buy from you and the % that buy from your competitor.

We can also setup your store with “affiliate marketing” so that you can have a whole “virtual sales team” promoting your website for you. This works by giving them a special code, so when they let friends / database know about your site, if one of them goes to website and makes a sale, the special code tracks the sale and you pay them a commission.

We’ve built a number of e-commerce websites for our clients and we also have our own e-commerce site that generates around 500 unique visitors per day.