How to Kick a Moo Cow in San Francisco

When choosing your particular keywords, particularly if your website is relatively new, you should choose keywords that aren’t too competitive. If you came to me and said “I want to rank number one for make money online” I’d have to politely say I’m sorry, cannot work with you, it’s not going to happen.

You’d need to spend 10’s and 10’s of thousands dollars a month, there’s so much competition it wouldn’t be worth it. So we really have to make sure that your chosen keywords are not too competitive because the less competition, the faster the results you’re going get.

HOWEVER – less competition should not mean nobody at all is searching for that phrase.

What we want to do is make sure that people are actually searching for that keyword, and I’ll give you an example and it’s quite funny because I’ve been to many conferences, and I’ve seen people stand up and go, “we can get you onto the front page of Google in seven days!”…and when you actually look into it, they are choosing these most obscure keywords that you know there’s no competition and I have a long standing joke with Andy, a very old client of mine, who, we joke that you could rank number one for “How to kick a MOO cow in San Francisco”, because it’s so obscure and unique of a keyword, but when you look at how many people are actually searching for “how to kick a MOO cow in San Francisco” it’s a Big Fat zero.

so there’s no point in choosing keywords that no customers are typing in to Google.

Even if you say “oh I can get that keyword for you number one in only a week”, there’s nobody’s actually searching for that.

So we need to find keywords are going to make your phone ring or get you email enquiries or booked appointments.

We need to make sure that they’re not too competitive so you actually can do it in a reasonable amount of time, and we need to make sure that there’s at least some people searching for that keyword.

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