Aug 15

August 1, 2015

Where to Stay in Cebu

By Delonix / Philippines Tips

As we have several clients visiting the office and spending time training with their staff every month, we’ve created this guide for how to get to Cebu, and where to stay! Firstly flights from Australia: At the time of writing, there are no direct flights from Australia to Cebu. You will need to go via Manila, Singapore or Hong Kong to Cebu. My personal preference is flying via Singapore, only because Manila airport is always so busy, flights are delayed...

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Jul 15

July 29, 2015

One-off Job-form

By Delonix / Uncategorized


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Apr 15

April 13, 2015

Why am I not receiving enquiries from the contact form on my website?

By Delonix / Uncategorized

We've seen many cases of email enquiries from client's websites such as "contact us" forms not being delivered. This is not a technical issue with the website or contact form itself, but the details from the conatct form being emailed to you are being blocked as (false positive) spam. This can be blocked at (by) several parts in the process including: 1) your Internet provider, 2) your anti-spam firewall settings or 3) your email client itself (eg Outlook) If your...

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